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actin & Microtubule Dynamics Lab
Jessica Henty-RidIlla


15 January 2024

Welcome to Laura Haney, a new graduate student rotating in the lab starting today!

30 October 2023

Congrats to Brian on the acceptance of his paper in Bio-protocol that describes our purification protocol for beta and gamma actin from budding yeast!

10 September 2023

Get Jess and Dr. Dewan pied!

Help Jess and MS2 students raise awareness about mental health for grad and med students. Donate Here

6 August 2023

Congrats to Audrey on the publication of her paper about the formin DAAM1 and DUBs! What a fun collaboration.

15 May 2023

The grant is in! Huzzah!

4 April 2023

Paper accepted! Read all about how to purify two non-muscle isoforms of actin from budding yeast at J Cell Sci (or our website). Congrats Brian! Great work!

5 December 2023

Brian's Bio-protocol on purifying beta and gamma actin got the cover! Check it out here!

26 September 2023

Welcome to Alex! A graduate student rotating in the lab starting today!

August 2023

Congrats to Jess on promotion to Associate Professor with tenure.

16 June 2023

Farewell to Morgan Pimm, leaving the lab for a post-doc at the University of Michigan! We will miss you.

4 May 2023

Be on the look-out! Morgan's pre-print has been uploaded. May the 4th be with you and may the odds be ever in our favor.

31 October 2023

Jess got a face full of pie after helping medical students raise >6000 to promote suicide awareness.

14 September 2023

Welcome to Dairyona! A student assistant starting in the lab today!

30 August 2023

Welcome new graduate students starting in the COGS program today!

30 May 2023

New website, who dis?

4 May 2023

Farewell to Anna Acosta, leaving the lab for a break before beginning graduate school at Penn State this Summer! We will miss you.

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