8 December 2021 (1:45-4:15 EST)

Join Jess, Emily Mace, & Patrick Oakes for the "Cytoskeletal Dynamics in Health and Disease" subgroup. There's a little bit of something for everyone!

Screen Shot 2021-03-12 at 7.50.32 PM.png

Morgan and Jess dressed as David and Moira for Schitt's Creek theme BMB Spirit Week 2021

1 December 2021

Congrats to Jess and to Brian on winning the ASCB video image contest. Their entry was entitled "filopodia party" and it is being showcased at the annual meeting this December.


Morgan dressed as a "zebrafish" for Model Organism theme

BMB Spirit Week 2021


Jess and Morgan dressed as Legos for Canadian Musician theme

BMB Spirit Week 2021


Karaoke extravaganza Summer 2019


The Henty-Ridilla lab outing to an escape room early June 2019.

The Henty-Ridilla lab lunch outing to "Apizza Regionale" early June 2018.

5 & 9 November 2021

Jess is giving two talks! One at LeMoyne and one in the "Cell Migration Series". A link to the talk is available here:

2 September 2021

The lab posted our first pre-print! Read all about it here:

14 July 2021

Congrats to Morgan for winning the 3-minute thesis (3MT) competition! Her talk was entitled: Hit the brakes? Redrawing the blueprints for cellular highways.

7 June 2021

Welcome to Laura, Marcela, & Brian joining the HR lab today!

1 June 2021

Welcome back Xinbei Liu !! she selected the HR-lab for her PhD work!

23 March 2021

Welcome Alyssa! A new rotation student in the lab today!

5 February 2021

Morgan is giving a talk about her research at a virtual conference hosted by SUNY Binghamton! 

13 January 2021

Jess is giving a talk about profilin and actin-microtubule interactions as part of the SfN Connectome virtual meeting. "See" you there!

04 January 2021

Jess is giving a talk about profilin and actin-microtubule interactions as part of the SfN Connectome virtual meeting. "See" you there!

08 December 2020

Morgan's review on actin and microtubules has been accepted at MBOC. Get ready for an interesting read and some gorgeous figures, folks.

28 October 2020

Welcome to the world Zelda Clare! Jess is out on parental leave.

1 October 2020

The lab is moved and all set up in Biochemistry! Come visit!

15 September 2020

Jess accepts SUNY Upstate President's award for young researcher of the year!

09 Sep 2020

Morgan is giving her first public talk about actin and microtubules! See you @ 1PM via Zoom! (email Jess for the info)

18 Aug 2020

Welcome to George Raxworthy - a new student in the lab!

13 Aug 2020

Welcome to new students! If you are looking for a rotation, let's chat!

16 Jul 2020

The lab's first paper is out! and a second is in revision!!!! - check out the publications page!

30 Apr 2020

Jess was nominated and awarded the College of Graduate Studies "outstanding teacher award" for 2020. Thanks, gratitude, and appreciation right back at the students for this honor!

23 Mar 2020

Welcome to Amanda Young performing a virtual laboratory rotation starting today!

16 Mar 2020

CNY Cytoskeleton is postponed until the Fall due to COVID19. #flattenthecurve

13 Mar 2020

Farewell to Jess Hotaling, she completed her second rotation today!

11 Mar 2020

Congrats to Morgan Pimm on Passing her Qualifying Exam!

29 Feb 2020

Jess Hotaling is giving a talk on her rotation project on 3/2 in basement lab meeting Jess HR is giving a talk about actin, MT, LDs, and neurodegeneration at noon on 3/3! Register for CNY/Upstate Cytoskeleton - at RPI this year:

14 Jan 2020

Jess was selected for a Sinsheimer Scholar Award from the Alexandrine and Alexander L. Sinsheimer Foundation!

06 Jan 2020

Welcome to Jess Hotaling, a new rotation student joining the lab today!

25 Dec 2019

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! Happy New Year! from the HR-lab to you. Wishing you all great data, exciting research, and healthy science in 2020

02 Dec 2019

Getting Excited for ASCB in DC! Jess is giving a talk Sat. Subgroup G (930 AM) - it's got actin, MTs, Profilin, and wild new directions!

10 Sep 2019

Morgan is presenting her work at the SUNY Biosciences retreat! Check out her poster! Hear about the HR lab!

01 Sep 2019

Do you like microscopes and beautiful proteins? The Henty-Ridilla lab is actively recruiting enthusiastic hardworking individuals.  Contact Jess with questions.

14 Aug 2019

NOA! NOA! NOA! The Henty-Ridilla lab was awarded an NIH grant! We are actively looking for enthusiastic and hardworking team members.

09 Jul 2019

The lab is preparing posters for the upcoming Motile & Contractile GRC. See you there!

27 Jun 2019

Morgan generated her first quantified TIRF data! Yaas!

08 May 2019

Jess is giving a talk at the first Upstate Cancer Center retreat! See you there!

22 Apr 2019

Jess is giving a talk at RPI! See you there!

05 Apr 2019

The FIRST CNYCytoskeleton here at Upstate! See you there!

Talks from local labs and keynote from Gary Brouhard!!! Looking forward to cytoskeletal fun!

25 Mar 2019

Welcome to Alana Belkevich, a new rotation student starting in the lab today!

STORMTrooper 2.

15 Mar 2019

Congratulations to Morgan Pimm on joining the HR-lab!

And on the ides of March...

25 Dec 2018

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from the HR-lab to yours!🎄🎅🏼🎁🎉

09 Dec 2018

Come check out Andrew Brawner's Poster @ ASCB!!! See you there!

14 Nov 2018

Jess will be giving a talk @ Syracuse University in the SBI. See you there.

05 Sep 2018

Jess will be giving a talk in the CDB department seminar series. See you there!

17 Jul 2018

CNY/Upstate NY Cytoskeleton meeting is going to happen (so much interest) - stay tuned for updates!!!

Jess is very excited.

16 Jul 2018

Jess won an epic game of Connect 4 versus Greg Alushin... then Jordan Beach really showed us who was boss.

You win some, you lose some.

08 Jul 2018

Jess is heading out to the "Muscle and Motors" GRC - see you there!

What have we been doing for the last couple of months? (besides running around).

12 Jun 2018

Welcome to Althea and Brit (SURF student and new rotaton student) starting in the lab this summer!

01 Jun 2018

Andrew Brawner goes down in history as the first PhD student joining the Henty-Ridilla lab.

Andrew is lord of the TIRF.

03 Apr 2018

The microscope is here!

And almost just the way we like it! Safety interlocks....

26 Mar 2018

Welcome to the lab Andrew Brawner!!!! A new rotation student starting today!

He is on a trip to cytoskeletown for the next few weeks!

26 Mar 2018

Dr. Henty-Ridilla will give a talk at Syracuse University!

Stop in and hear it!

20 Feb 2018

Inspected and ready to go! The Henty-Ridilla lab has a clean bill of health!

19 Jan 2018

The first acetone powder prep of the Henty-Ridilla lab (with friends)! The "dance" featured was critical for warmth and powder success.

You can dance if you want to.

12 Jan 2018

The bunnies have been selected...

The acetone powder prep is nigh...

08 Jan 2018

Welcome to Baylee Porter, a rotation student starting in the lab today!

01 Jan 2018

Happy New Year from the Henty-Ridilla Lab! Papers, grants, and blessings to all!

We can dream, right?

01 Dec 2017

Jessica is presenting a poster and giving a talk on her recent work at ASCB! See you there!

Poster is from 12-1:30 PM on Tuesday! The talk is part of mini-symposium 23 on Wednesday!

09 Nov 2017

New paper out in Current Biology! Profilin, Microtubules?, and ALS (oh my).

06 Nov 2017

The Henty-Ridilla Lab is (basically) open for business!

First experiment performed today! So much aliquoting happened to make it happen... Pro-tip: order a repeat pipette first.

01 Sep 2017

Jessica starts her faculty position at SUNY Upstate Medical University!

In a basement in the ground of Weiskotten Hall, there lived a newly minted assistant professor...

05 May 2017

Jessica has accepted a faculty position as an assistant professor at SUNY Upstate Medical University!

Jessica is excited to open her lab sometime this Fall! The Henty-Ridilla lab will study actin-microtubule interactions.

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