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actin & Microtubule Dynamics Lab
Jessica Henty-RidIlla

Investigating the convergence of actin, microtubules, & biomolecular condensates in native and disease states

Filopodia party!
actin (blue) MT (purple)
4-color TIRF (Pimm et al 2023)
Fascin bundled actin filaments (Haarer et al 2023)
Actin(blue) and MT (magenta)
N2A cell filopodia
overlay of actin filaments from cells expressing different amounts or versions of profilin (Pimm et
actin (blue) and condensates (pink)
Overlay of actin filaments from cells expressing various amounts of IQGAP1 (Pimm et al 2023)
rainbow cell
actin (blue), MT (purple), formin (yellow)
Screen Shot 2022-02-23 at 3.29_edited
Screen Shot 2021-11-30 at 8.15.34 PM
Combined Stacks
actin polymerizing!
actin filaments


30 Oct 2023

Congrats to Brian on the acceptance of his paper in Bio-protocol that describes our purification protocol for beta and gamma actin from budding yeast!

30 Oct 2023

Jess got pied to raise awareness about mental health for grad and med students. It was awesome.

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